Friday, January 18, 2013

CAWG New Aircraft Day Two

Lt Col Brett Dolnick, CAP
Commander of Diablo Squadron  44
California Wing

The following diary was written by Lt Col Brett Dolnick chronicling his adventures transporting a brand new C-182 G1000 from the Cessna Factory in Wichita Kansas to Concord CA. Lt Col Dolnick was accompanied by Capt Jeff Ironfield.

Day Two

Ground school is done. We started the day in the lab practicing setting up
more standard settings on the map, finding lots of information like current
weather, using terrain, stormscope, traffic, etc and then practiced loading
and flying approaches and missed approaches.

Then it was off to the classroom to review the MFD pages available which was
a review of what we had just done in the lab,the many systems in use along
with many acronyms that start with 'G', and where the systems are located. Then
we wrapped the ground portion with a review of what happens when different things fail.

For lunch, we met with one of the maintenance inspectors in the Delivery
department. He has been there since the single engine line restarted in 1996
and built most of the first couple planes off the line, rebuilt all the rigs
and machinery to build the planes, and has served in many roles and trained
others at Cessna. It was a very interesting conversation and we heard some
stuff about how they take care of common squawks after planes are built.

After lunch, we went out to fly. For those following along at home, our
route was KIDP KMIO flying the T-route for the GPS 17 approach, KPTS vectors
to the GPS 22 approach circle to land on runway 4, NALLY V132 KCNU VOR-A
approach pilot NAV from CNU with the published missed, V131 TYROE direct
VOVRE KIDP ILS 35 for the second full stop landing. All of this was done
without a hood on (oh well) and with the autopilot.

Tomorrow we will be doing the Emergency Procedures flight, simulating both a
PFD failure and ADC/AHRS (Air Data Computer (airspeed, altitude, vertical
speed), and Attitude Heading Reference System (attitude, turn rate,
slip/skid)) failure. We'll fly these again without a hood (but Capt Ironfield and I
will put each other under the hood plenty on the way home). I may get to do
an MFD failure and DME Arc too, depending on time.

We're planning a factory tour, trip to the company store. Then we'll be
getting ready for our last night here in Independence. Our plan is to launch
Thursday morning for our long day with an overnight in Prescott, AZ.

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