Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CAWG New Aircraft Day Four

Lt Col Brett Dolnick, CAP
Commander of Diablo Squadron  44
California Wing

The following diary was written by Lt Col Brett Dolnick chronicling his adventures transporting a brand new C-182 G1000 from the Cessna Factory in Wichita Kansas to Concord CA. Lt Col Dolnick was accompanied by Capt Jeff Ironfield.

Day four

This is my next to last post and I thank all those interested enough in my ramblings to still be following. I think everyone knows our route from today. We went from Independence and had filed a number of VORs but ATC gave us direct routing to BGD. It became apparent around the time we passed BGD that we would need "services" prior to Double Eagle (AEG). That extra 1.5 hours just didn't sound comfortable, so a detour to Tucumcari (TCC) was in order.

I shot the GPS 21 approach (finally under the hood). After a quick turn, we were back off to AEG. I shot the ILS and circled to 17 since a Blackhawk was doing hover tests on 22. Unfortunately when we got there, the self-service fuel island was broken and the restaurant had just closed. So, they rolled the fuel truck and we borrowed the crew car for a drive to town to grab Subway.
Then we were off to Prescott. No, we didn't see Meteor Crater, couldn't find it on the map. But we did take a look at the airport (KINW) and discussed singing the song (Take it easy) but were afraid of the distribution should it have gotten out.

Got some great shots of the mountains and plains as we crossed the country and the red rocks as we flew over Sedona. I'll put a few in here and will post all pictures this weekend. We wrapped the day with Jeff shooting a very nice GPS 21L at night into PRC.

Anyone who thinks there's overcrowding and not enough room in our great country need only fly across it. There's an amazing amount of nothingness.

We met up with my dad who got me into CAP. He had been a Cadet for a short period in 1950 and he's a private pilot. I showed off the amazing G1000 and our new plane and then we went to dinner.

Tomorrow will be from here to KWJF and then on to KCCR. It'll be about 5 enroute and we should be on the ground around 3:00. If you're interested, please come on out to see the new plane.

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