Friday, June 7, 2013

Mission Scanner School - Group 2

By Lt. Robert Adams, CAP
Transportation Officer and Mission Scanner Trainee
Amelia Earhart Senior Squadron 188
California Wing

Lt Adam's of SQ188 prepares for a sim flight
I attended a two day Civil Air Patrol Mission Scanner Training Class on Saturday and Sunday, March 16 and 17th 2013 that was hosted by Group-2 Headquarters at Squadron 18 at the Hayward, California airport.

There were at least 25-30 people in attendance including five instructors and several Cadets. (Some of the participants that attended this weekend event came from as far away as Washington State and others from locations throughout California.

All of the instructors that taught that weekend were exceptionally proficient to teach the various subjects that encompass the Mission Scanner Training Course.
The course was presented in an interesting format, and well planned classroom manner.

Lt Mumy of SQ188 prepares for a sim flight
Instructors presented subjects systematically with personal and helpful information depicting important personal experiences that were of an additional benefit to each of us relative to their subject at hand.

Prior to the conclusion of the two-day classes, we were instructed to break up into individual groups of four or five participants plus an instructor, who thoroughly guided us through an anatomy of a real Emergency Mission.

The instructors tactfully demonstrated and explained to us the various steps including the paperwork that is necessary to complete a real Mission from the beginning to end.

CAP members receiving training
At the conclusion of the (mock) emergency mission, we were all presented with a 50 question written test that covered all of the many subjects that had been presented to us over these last two days.

All participants were later informed that they passed the test and had completed all of the Familiarization and Preparatory Training Tasks, including most of the Advanced Training Tasks.  Leaving only task 0–2018, which required Operating the Aircraft Communication Equipment and the two Exercise Participation sign-offs to complete our Mission Scanner SQTR.

In summation; this was a most successful, well designed and organized (two day) Mission Scanner Training Class.

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