Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday Party Celebrating 2013

By 2Lt Hollerbach and Maj Luneau, photos courtesy of Lt Col Tinnirello 

On December 21, Squadron 188 celebrated a year of significant achievements and got into the holiday spirit over dinner at Scott’s Seafood restaurant in Oakland’s Jack London Square.
Capt Rivas, Patricia Farrar-Rivas,
Maj Luneau, Sylvia Luneau
Maj Luneau highlighted the year’s accomplishments, including:


  • We fought for a new Cessna G1000 to be based at Oakland and Concord and won!
  • We finagled a hangar and spent 5 weeks painting the floor, walls, finding and moving in furniture, hooking up an Internet connection and adding a radio. 
  • We hosted a UDF Course.

1Lt Hipp, Capt Coreas,
Carmelita Miller


  • We hosted a G1000 Ground School. 


  • With Squadron 18, we hosted the Mission Scanner School. 
  • Squadron members attended the Palo Alto SAREX. 
  • Because of our hangar, CAWG loaned us another new plane for the hangar.
  • We put around 200 hours on 445CP in less than a year.
  • We attended the Tsunami Warning Exercise. 

1Lt Chavez, Sandra Lindman,
Alicia Tinnirello


  • Squadron members and 445CP attended the Half Moon Bay Airshow. 
  • Squadron members attended the USCG Aux Aviation Safety Workshop. 


  • Squadron members and 445CP attended the Hayward Open House. 
  • Squadron members attended and flew in the CAWG EVAL where we received an “Exceptional” grade.
  • We did a presentation to the 99'ers and showed them 445CP. 
  • 1Lt Rugroden
  • Squadron members connected the hangar and HQ to each other with two new wireless antennas.


  • Squadron members and 445CP attended the San Carlos Airport Open House.
  • Squadron members attended the Mountain Flying Course in CCR as Students and Staff.
  • We had a number of counter drug flights in support of various counties.


Squadron 188 Members and
Guests at Dinner
  • We hosted the Oakland SAREX.
  • We hosted the Mission Aircrew School Ground School in Oakland.
  • Squadron members took part in a short-notice tissue transport mission that saved two lives.
  • Squadron members attended the Fourth of July flag presentation at Oakland A's.
  • Squadron members attended the National Emergency Services Academy.


Tara Stevulak, 2Lt Stevulak
  • Squadron members attended the CAWG Mission Aircrew School as students and staff.
  • Squadron members and the aircraft attended the Watsonville Fly-in and Airshow.
  • We hosted a G1000 for Mission Observers course in Livermore.
  • We won Top Senior Squadron in GP2 and Juan won Lifetime Achievement Award for GP2.


Squadron 188 Members and
Guests at Dinner
  • 1Lt Hipp continued to paint the squadron, thank you!
  • Squadron members attended the Livermore Open House.
  • Squadron members flew in two F-16 Air Interception missions.
  • Squadron members attended the CAWG Conference in SMX.


  • Squadron members attended the Auburn Sarex.
  • 100% of our members achieved the Yeager award. 

Squadron 188 Members and
Guests at Dinner


  • Squadron members participated in a National Communication exercise. 
  • 445CP received its Find sticker. 
  • We sold almost 200 Wreaths in support of Wreaths Across America and participated in the WAA ceremony at Golden Gate National Cemetery. 

2Lt Kelly, 1Lt Rugroden, Joan Allan, 1Lt
Michelogiannakis, Capt Eichelberger
Throughout the year, we also added a number of new members, including:

  • Capt Chris Johnson
  • Capt Kathy Johnson
  • Capt Steven DeFord
  • 1Lt George Michelogiannakis
  • 2Lt Robert Kraus
  • 2Lt Eric Choate
  • 2Lt Karin Hollerbach
  • SM Dan Lunsford

Maj Luneau, Sylvia Luneau, Carolers
The dinner was a wonderful opportunity to get to know something about fellow squadron members’ lives outside of CAP and to meet a number of their spouses and significant others, without whose support our squadron’s activities would hardly be possible.

During the dinner, we enjoyed beautiful holiday songs sung by a quartet of a cappella carolers, who even included a number of our requests.

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