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February 2014, All Hands Meeting

Blog and Photos by Lt Col Juan Tinnirello, CAP, Sq. 188 PAO 
Squadron 188 All Hands Meeting

Deputy Jeffrey Taylor from the Oakland Airport Sheriff Department 

Deputy Taylor and Maj Riebli
During the All Hands safety meeting, Deputy Taylor made a presentation about the common crimes committed at the airport. The most significant one is the stealing of electronic equipment, starting with cellular phones.

He suggested that the best way to avoid being a target is to be aware of the people around you.  Also, he suggested that if you are a target, do not resist the attack, unless you are qualified to subdue the attacker, like being a black belt in karate.  Nowadays burglars carry weapons such as knifes or guns. So it is not worthwhile to resist, as you may compromise your safety.
Capt Eichelberger
Attending the meeting

He also mentioned about watching your belongings, because they are easy targets too.  Pay attention when you place your belongings in the conveyor belt to be scanned by security.  Someone on the pickup side may be taking your laptop, purse, etc.

Deputy Taylor
The bottom line is to be aware of everything around you, so you are not an easy target.  He spent considerable time answering questions from Major Frank Riebli as well as other members. His presentation was very informative and covered many other experiences he had during his career as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Deputy Taylor and Maj Luneau
After Deputy Taylor finished his presentation, Major Luneau thanked him for coming to our meeting and presented him with a squadron cap or a patch.  Deputy Taylor chose the patch.

Maj Luneau Receiving his
Award from Capt Rivas

Awards and Presentations

Major Luneau received the 5-year Red Star Award.
1Lt Hayes Receiving his
Award from Capt Rivas

1st Lt Hayes received the 2-year Red Star Award.

SM Lunsford attending the meeting

1st Lt Hayes, Capt Rivas, Maj Luneau

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