Sunday, November 8, 2015

All Hands Meeting, 3 November 2015

By Lt Col Juan Tinnirello (and pictures)

Capt Luis Rivas
Squadron Commander Capt Rivas welcomed everybody and asked Col Tinnirello to lead the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Commander Rivas welcomed new member James Weeks and proceeded to give a review of all the events in another very busy month for the squadron. Besides the participation in the Group 2 SAREX at Palo Alto, the FEMA mission for the forest fire was the main one, with a large participation of squadron members where more that 14,000 pictures were taken altogether.

Also, there were a couple of ELT missions and one for the State of California.

Maj Luneau renewed his Form 5 and Maj DeFord renewed his Ground Team Leader. Also on the assets usage, the aircraft flew 30.8 hours and the van traveled 516 miles.

1st Lt Patrick Bitz 
Lt Bitz talked about the importance of remembering the armed forces personnel that gave their lives to defend our freedom.  What better way to do it that by placing wreaths on their tombstones at the Golden Gate National Cemetery, in San Bruno this coming December.  The program called Wreaths Across America is helping to do so and we can participate by purchasing wreaths. More information is provided at the end of this article.

Maj DeFord announced that there is a new way to have a small last minute planned ES mission to help with training a few people.  Contact him for details.

Also, Lt Gast is our newly minted CFI-G for gliders. Congratulations - and members, take advantage of this new opportunity.

Coming up on November 17, Capt Hayes will have an improved talk from the one he gave at the Wing Conference about “Radios for Aircrew” and for everyone that uses CAP radios.  A pot luck is planned, so call him to coordinate if you plan to attend.

December 1, is our next “All Hands Meeting”. During the meeting there was a majority of members that wished to have a Holiday Party.  More will follow as Capt Rivas looks into the different possibilities.

Most of the 14 members awarded Disaster Relief award
Capt Michelogiannakis 
receiving award

On the awards list, Capt Michelogiannakis obtained his Level 3 (Grover Loening Award), Lt Choate received an Orientation Pilot Award for completing more that 50 sorties. Lt Kraus was granted a Rescue Find Ribbon (with prop device) first find. Lt Adams received a Leadership Award (1st Technician rating LOGISTICS). SM Carter, Level 1 Membership Award.  Forteen members awarded Disarter Relief Ribbon with V device for Presidencial Declared disaster for the Butte and Valley Fires.
Promotions: Lt Adams was promoted to 1st Lt and SM Roudnev was promoted to 2nd Lt. 

           Lt Choate receiving 
           Orientation ribbon award
Lt Kraus receiving Rescue ribbon award

Lt Adams receiving
 Leadership award
In the Safety Education Maj Fridell made a very interesting presentation about “Bird Strikes”. The inspiration for the topic started at the Livermore Airport while doing some work and a strange noise started to become more pronounced.  It was a flock of geese!  The statistics for this type of incident are very impressive. If you were not there, you missed an excellent presentation plus insights to protect you about this type of accidents.

Capt Rivas and Lt Adams’s 
 wife, Pamela, attaching the epaulets
        Capt Rivas and Capt Hayes 
        attaching epaulets to 2nd Lt Roudnev
 Capt. Rivas finished the meeting thanking SM Wayne for facilitating press coverage on the Concord mission and also thanking Capt Rex Beach for all the work he did during his participation as a squadron member and who is now leaving for the East Coast.  Fairwell Rex, we will miss you.

Maj Fridell presented 
“Bird Strike”

Wreath Sponsorship Program:

Go to   on the left side column go to the bottom to “Wreaths Across America” and click on it. On the “Contents” list click on 5Donate.  Then follow the directions for Webb Order.

If you have problems, please contact 1st Lt Patrick Bitz at 925-858-9590
Besides honoring our heroes you help Squadron 188 finances, as we receive $5.00 for each wreath sold.  Thank you for participating and tell your family, friends and coworkers about it.

 Bird strike just before it happened!

Capt Rex Beach saying goodbye!

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