Monday, September 12, 2016

September 2016 All Hands Meeting

By Lt Col Juan Tinnirello, photography by 2d Lt Alexei Roudnev

The membership attending the meeting    Photo by Lt Col Tinnirello

Commander Rivas
The meeting took place on the 6th of September and started with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the US., led by Lt Col Tinnirello.

Commander Capt Luis Rivas welcomed all the participants and specially our new member Haavar Valeur and returning member from PAWG 1st Lt Kevin Fall and from Las Vegas Maj Luneau.

August was also a very busy month for the squadron, including multiple missions, training events, as well as new and renewal ES Ratings and Professional Development activities.

Capt Hayes receiving his award
  • 4-7 Aug Alpine Lake search Comm Relay (Maj DeFord: PSC; Maj Ironfield: MP; Capt Hayes: MO; Capt Michelogiannakis: MP; 1st Lt Hollerbach: MO; 1st Lt Kraus: MP)
  • 7 Aug: NV Glider (Maj DeFord: IC3-T)
  • 14 Aug: ELT @ O61 (Capt Hayes: MRO)
  • 20 Aug: PLB @ Richmond (Capt Ramsey: UDF +Find)
  • 25 Aug: ELT @ KAUN (Maj DeFord: IC3-T; Capt Hayes: WMAO)

  • 13 Aug: AOBD School, Bakersfield (Maj DeFord, Capt Hayes: instructors; Capt Brown: student)
  • 15 Aug: No-notice National Comm Exercise (Capt Hayes: MRO)
  • 23 Aug: Group 2 Turbo/206 training (Maj Ironfield, Capt Michelogiannakis)
  • 25-29 Aug: Sq188 had WMAO duty (Capt Hayes)
  • 26-28 Aug: NorCal IMT Advanced Exercise (Lt Col Tinnirello: PIO; Maj DeFord: OSC; Capt Brown: FASC; Capt Eichelberger: IPU; Capt Hayes: AOBD; Capt Michelogiannakis: MP; Capt Rivas: LSC; Capt Stevulak: AP; 1st Lt Choate: MP; 1st Lt Fletcher-Hernandez: AP; 1st Lt Kraus: MP; 1st Lt Roberts: MRO; 2d Lt Booth: MO; 2d Lt Roudnev: MSA/MRO)
  • 30 Aug: Group 2 G1000 IFR ground school (Capt Michelogiannakis)
  • 30 Aug: ES Training support for Sq18 (Maj Fridell, Maj Johnson/C and Maj Johnson/K

New/Renewed ES Ratings
Maj Luneau receiving his award
  • Maj DeFord, Ironfield, Luneau; Capt Michelogiannakis; 1st Lt Choate: F91 Mission Pilot renewal
  • Capt Eichelberger: F5 CAP Pilot renewal
  • Capt Hayes: AOBD renewal
  • Capt Michelogiannakis: Mountain Flying Certification (MFC)
  • 1st Lt Spears: ICUT completion

Professional Development

  • Capt Michelogiannakis: Completed Senior Pilot (3 yrs. + 1000 hours PIC) Commander Rivas reminded everyone to keep a log for MO and Aircrew (Scanner + Airborne Photographer), to qualify for the recognition. 

Red Rover Mars 2020 mission
  • Aircraft usage: 54.5 hours
  • Glider usage: [Capt Gast, Wilson] resumed 13-Aug (Capt Gast: pilot; 1st Lt Choate: Tow Pilot)
  • Vehicle usage: 216 miles
  • PIO: 0 blog postings; “at least” 32 Facebook postings
  • Aerospace Moment: NASA Rover 2020
  • New BBQ Grill-thanks to Lt Col Tinnirello for assembling it
  • New portable generator

Aerospace Education Moment
1st Lt Pat Bitz

  • 1st Lt Pat Bitz talked about the NASA mission to Mars scheduled for the year 2020. NBC produced a video of the current work being done on the new Red Rover and we watched the video.  You can watch it by clicking here.  

Coming up in the next 2-3 months
  • 10-11 Sep: Basic exercise @ KOAK (Capt Rivas)
  • 1 Oct: Livermore Open House (Maj Luneau)
  • 4-6 Nov: CAWG Conference, Bakersfield

  • Capt Michelogiannakis receiving his award

  • Maj Luneau: First Bronze clasp to First Silver Clasp for CD Ribbon (70 sorties total)
  • Capt Hayes: Second clasp for ASR Ribbon (30 sorties total)
  • Capt Michelogiannakis: Air Search & Rescue ribbon with propeller device (10 SAR sorties)
  • 1st Lt Rugroden: Red Ribbon first bronze clasp, 5 years 
  • 2d Lt Roberts: Leadership Award for completion of first Technician Specialty Track 

Safety update

    Capt Hayes on Safety 
  • Capt Hayes, Personal Preparedness

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