Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016 All Hands Meeting

By 1st Lt Karin Hollerbach, photos by Lt Col Juan Tinnirello

The meeting was conducted by Capt Lou Rivas and opened with a pledge of allegiance, led by Lt Col Tinnirello.

Capt Rivas
Jim Savino

Welcome to the following guests who were present at the meeting:

  • Jim Savino, a CAP member visiting from Grand Rapids, Michigan 
  • Mr. Griffith, a former cadet, visiting from Boston

Members and guests in our meeting room
Capt Rivas addressing members and guests

Squadron Monthly Recap
  • 11 Sept ELT mission: Maj DeFord: IC3-T; Capt Brown, SM Valeur: base staff (congratulations on SM Valeur’s 1st mission!) 
  • 13 Sept ELT mission: Maj Luneau: MP; Capt Hayes: MO – resulting in a find – congratulations! 

Capt Rivas and Lt Rugroden
  • 10-11 Sept: Basic Exercise @ KOAK with participation by - Lt Col Tinnirello: PIO; Maj DeFord: IC3-T; Maj Luneau: MP; Capt Brown: AOBD; Capt Hayes: MSO; Capt Rivas: LSC; 1st Lt Fall: MO; 1st Lt Spears: MS; 2d Lt SM Aisien: MS; SM Valeur: MRO/MSA
  • 20 Sept: pot-luck @ KOAK with 15 members trying out the new grill
  • 27 Sept: Squadron clean-up with a huge thank you to Lt Col Tinnirello; Maj Fridell; Capts Gast, Hayes, Michelogiannakis, Ramsey, Stevulak; 1st Lts Choate, Fall, Hipp; 2d Lts Baldwin, Forenza, Roudnev; SM Valeur
  • 1 Oct: Livermore Open House – another big thank you to Lt Col Tinnirello; Maj Luneau; Capts Rivas, Stevulak; 1st Lts Adams, Choate, Hipp; SM Aisien

New/Renewed Emergency Services (ES) Ratings 
Congratulations to the following members, who have achieved new and/or renewed existing ES ratings: 
Capt Rivas and Lt Roberts
  • 1st Lt Spears: Completed Mission Scanner (MS) + ES Patch for 1st ES rating
  • 2d Lt Forenza: Completed MS + Mission Radio Operator (MRO) + ES Patch for 1st ES rating
  • SM Aisien: Completed MS + ES Patch for 1st ES rating
  • SM Valeur: Completed ICUT, MRO & Mission Staff Assistant (MSA) + ES Patch for 1st ES rating

Professional Development 
Congratulations to 1st Lt Bitz who completed the CLC and the Senior level of the Aerospace Education specialty track

Awards and other Noteworthy Items 
Congratulations to 
Capt Rivas and SM Valeur
  • Maj DeFord: appointment as the new CAWG Deputy Director for ES Training (IAOD), reporting to Lt Col Aylesworth 
  • 1st Lt Rugroden: Red Ribbon first bronze clasp, 5 years  
  • 2d Lt Roberts: Leadership Award for completion of first Technician Speciality Track 
  • SM Valeur: Membership Award for completion of Level I

Coming up 
Members and guests, please join us at the following upcoming events: 
Lt Bitz
  • 16 Oct: Hayward Airport Open House (Lt Col Tinnirello)
  • 4-6 Nov: CAWG Education Conference, Bakersfield
  • 8- Nov: no meeting on election night
  • 12 Nov: Group 2 Advanced Communications Course @ HWD or OAK (Capt Hayes)
  • 13 Dec: Holiday party 
  • 17 Dec: Aerospace Moment: Wreaths Across America 

Safety Update
2d Lt Baldwin presented this month’s Safety Update – on Earthquake Preparedness
Lt Baldwin

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