Thursday, February 9, 2017

All Hands Meeting - February 2017

By 1st Lt Karin Hollerbach, photos by Lt Col Juan Tinnirello and 2d Lt Alexei Roudnev

The meeting was led by Capt Jordan Hayes, and kicked off with Lt Col Juan Tinnirello leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Capt Hayes, photo by
Lt Col Tinnirello

A warm welcome to new member Robbie Cambell, and welcome back to 2d Lt Savino, after a successful move from Michigan Wing (MIWG).

Capt Hayes reviewed the CAP Non-discrimination Policy, as described in CAPR 36-1.

Squadron Monthly Recap

Promotions and Awards

Promotions and awards this month included:

  • SM Aisien was promoted to 2d Lt 
  • Capt Brown received a Find Ribbon 
  • Capt Hayes earned a Red Ribbon (5yr clasp)
  • Congratulations to 2d Lt Aisien, assisted here by her
    husband (L) and Capt Hayes (R), photo by Lt Col Tinnirello
  • 10 Non-Distress Finds were awarded to squadron members in 2016 (out of a total of 40 in CAWG, with 3 going to Maj DeFord)

Missions and Events

In the past month, the squadron participated in the following missions and events:

  • On 30 January, Maj DeFord (Incident Commander, IC3), 1st Lt Choate (Mission Pilot, MP), and 1st Lt Roberts (Mission Observer, MO) participated in a PLB mission in Carmel Valley.
  • Maj DeFord also served as IC3 at an exercise in Riverside.
  • On 14-15 January, 4 squadron members participated in the Squadron Leadership School (SLS)/CLC course held at Travis, including:
  • Congratulations to Capt Brown for her Find ribbon,
    presented here by Capt Hayes, photo by Lt Col Tinnirello
    • Maj Wang, Instructor
    • Capt Stevulak, participant in CLC 
    • 1st Lt Roberts, participant in CLC
    • 2d Lt Roudnev, participant in SLS
  • On 17 January, Lt Col Tinnirello and 1st Lt Hollerbach gave a presentation about CAP at Association of Safeway Retired Executives in Danville.

Other events include:

  • CAP 404 is now located at KRHV. CAP 483 is now located at KLVK, and Capt Eichelberger is Aircraft Manager. 
  • Thanks to 1st Lt Choate, 2d Lt Roudnev, SM Valeur for fixing the comm room door (again). 

ES Ratings & Professional Development
Lt Col Tinnirello (foreground), other squadron members
(background), photo by 1st Lt Roudnev

Renewed/New ES Ratings include:

  • Maj DeFord is our newest CAWG Incident Commander, having earned his IC3 rating
  • Maj Fridell renewed his Form 5, VFR/G1000 
  • Capt Gast renewed his glider Form 5 (Instructor and Orientation)
Professional Development accomplishments include:

  • 1st Lt Hollerbach completed her Level II (Benjamin O Davis, Jr Award – which honors the pioneering military officer who was the leader of the fabled Tuskegee Airmen during World War II, and the first African American to become a General in the Air Force)
A big thank you for 2016 Squadron 188 staff, those who stayed on and those who joined for 2017. The new Personnel Authorization (PA) to be posted shortly.
  • Wing PA: Our squadron has 6 members doing 8 jobs
  • Maj Fridell discussing a topic near and dear to the hearts of
    many pilots: the high cost of flying, photo by 1st Lt Roudnev
  • Group 2: Our squadron has 10 members doing 12 jobs

Congratulations to all!

Aerospace Moment

Maj Fridell presented this month’s aerospace moment about the Sport Pilot rating and Light Sport Aircraft. Come fly with him in an amphibious plane at Lake Berryessa!

Events Coming Up in the Next Few Months 

  • On 12 February, Squadron 188 is hosting a NorCal AP Ground School at KOAK (for more information – please ask Project Officer, 1st Lt Hollerbach)
  • On 25-26 February, Squadron 188 is hosting a NorCal AP DREX at KOAK (for more information – please ask IC, Maj DeFord, or Project Officer, 1st Lt Hollerbach)
  • In mid-July, Brian Lloyd will recreate Amelia Earhart’s around the world flight; he will stop at OAK. Mr Lloyd has an HF radio mounted in his aircraft. For more information, please ask Capt Hayes. 
  • 1st Lt Roberts, giving part 1 of the safety
    presentation, photo by Lt Col Tinnirello
  • On 3 March, the Women in Aviation Day will be held at KLVK. Group 2 will participate, and we will have an aircraft available for ground demonstration. For more information, please ask Lt Col Tinnirello. 

Safety Down Day & Risk Management

This month's safety presentation and, in fact, this year's Safety Down Day, was presented by 1st Lt Roberts and Capt Brown

Discussion of safety themes including

  • Principles of Risk Management: 
    • Accept no unnecessary risk
    • Make risk decisions at the appropriate level
    • Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost
    • Integrate Risk Management at all levels
  • 6-step process of risk management, starting with identifying the hazards
  • Risk management matrix, including severity and probability of exposure
  • Operational risk management exercise to evaluate the risks associated with the upcoming Ground School. 

Capt Brown, giving part 2 of the safety
presentation, photo by 1st Lt Roudnev
Please remember to also review the following safety related CAP Forms:

  • 62-1 Safety Responsibilities and Procedures 
  • 62-1 Mishap Reporting and Review

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