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All Hands Meeting, 7 March 2017

By Lt Col Juan Tinnirello, Photos by 2nd Lt Alexei Roudnev.

Commander Rivas welcomes participants
Commander Capt. Luis Rivas welcomed all participants and invited Lt Col Tinnirello to lead attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were several guests, who gave us a brief idea of why they wanted to become members and of their background. 

Squadron Monthly Recap


Emergency locator Transmitter (ELT) at Palo Alto (KPAO): Maj DeFord was the IC3 and made a brief comment about the mission.  Because of the cloud coverage, it had to be completed by Urban Directional Finding (UDF) teams only. The plane was located and the ELT turned off.

Maj DeFord explains the ELT mission at Palo Alto


12 Feb: The Airborne Photography (AP) Ground School took place at Squadron 188, to learn the ins and outs of AP. Click here for a description of the Ground School. 

1 Lt Chavez talks about future 
partnerships with Government Agencies

25-25 Feb: Many participants of the AP GroundSchool also attended the Disaster Relief Exercise (DREX) held at Squadron 188, to practice the lessons learned two weeks prior. Participants included - 

  • Maj DeFord: IC3
  • Lt Col Tinnirello: PIO
  • Maj Luneau: PSC
  • Maj Michelogiannakis: MP
  • Maj Wang: APU
  • Capt Brown: FASC/AOBD
  • Capt Eichelberger: APU
  • Capt Gast: MO
  • Capt Hayes: LSC
  • Capt Stevulak: MO
  • 1st Lt Hollerbach: APU and Project Officer
  • 1st Lt Roberts: MSO
  • 2d Lt Roudnev: MSA

21 Feb: Maj Fridell and 2nd Lt Baldwin visited Squadron 18 with CAP445 at Hayward to show the plane and do a safety briefing for the cadets.

2nd Lt Zherebnenkov talks about 
Aerospace Education

3 Mar: Women in Aviation: members of Squadron 10 Palo Alto, and Squadron 188 Oakland, participated in the event attended by young girls from the STEM program in the Livermore school district.  Lt Col Tinnirello and 2nd Lt Aisien participated from Squadron 188, and Maj Lam, Maj Moruzko and SM Mateos participated from Squadron 10.

Renewed/New ES Ratings:

  • Maj Luneau: renewed Planning Section Chief. 
  • Capt Gast; Glider Pilot endorsement; renewed MO.
  • Capt Hayes: renewed Logistic Section Chief. 
  • 1st Lt Fall completed Mission Staff Assistant. 
  • 1st Lt Kraus; renewed F5 (plus IFR endorsement).

Lt Col Tinnirello receives the Community
 Service Award with Silver Clasp

Professional Development:

  • Capt Ramsey: Level III completed. 
  • 1st Lt Roberts: Technician Specialty Track: Communications
  • 2nd Lt Zherebnenkov: Senior Specialty Track, Aerospace Education.


Aircraft usage:  CAP 481: 7 hrs. (due to maintenance). CAP 483: 12.1 hrs. Thanks to Maj DeFord and 2nd Lt Booth for ferry of CAP 481 from 100 hrs. inspection. Vehicle usage: 816 miles (used for cadet encampment).  New key box located on the rear by the license plate.
PIO: two blogs (Logbook) and 21 postings/shares.     
Capt Ramsey receives his 
Grover Loening award

Aerospace Moment:

 2nd Lt Zherebnenkov, AE workshop in Palo Alto.

Coming up in the Next 2-3 Months:

11-12 Mar ICS-300 at Travis AFB. 
1 Apr AE workshop/Event at Palo Alto (2nd Lt Zherebnenkov. 
21-23 Apr Wing Evaluation at Riverside (Maj DeFord). 
28-30 Apr: Constant Watch (National Communication Exercise, Cap Hayes). 
28-30 Apr Pacific Region Conference at Sparks. NV. 
15-18: Vigilant Guard Exercise. 
30 May: 5th Tuesday, group photo and BBQ (Capt Rivas).

Lt Col Glenn talks about past relationships 
Squadron188 had with government
 agencies and the contribution from old members.

1st Lt Chavez receives his 25 years device.


  • Lt Col Tinnirello: Community Service Ribbon with Silver Clasp. 
  • Capt Ramsey, Grover Loening Award, Level III.
  • 1st Lt Chavez: Red Ribbon 25 Year Device. 
  • SM Campbell: membership Ribbon for Level I.

 SM Campbell receives
 his membership Ribbon for level I

2d Lt Baldwin made the Safety presentation about
Check Lists

Safety Presentation: 

2d Lt Baldwin made a presentation about Check Lists and how to better use them. If you could not attend the meeting, you missed good advice. 

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