Sunday, May 14, 2017

All Hands Meeting May 2017

Squadron 188 members at the All Hands Meeting
A warm Squadron 188 welcome to two new members:
Squadron members socializing prior to the meeting
  • SM Vaibhav Sharma
  • SM Sergio Mello

Squadron Monthly Recap

Squadron 188 members participated in the following real world missions:
Capt Ramsey (L) and Lt Forenza (R)
  • PLB @ Oakland: Squadron participants included Maj DeFord: IC3/MP; Capt Brown: MO; Capt Hayes: MRO; 1st Lt Chavez, 1st Lt Fall: UDF; 2d Lt Baldwin, 2d Lt Roudnev, 2d Lt Valeur: UDF; SM Campbell, SM Devine: UDF
  • Overdue aircraft Sierra County (click here for more information): Squadron participants included Maj Blank, Maj DeFord, Maj Ironfield, Maj Johnson/C, Maj Johnson/K, Maj Luneau, Capt Brown, Capt Eichelberger, Capt Stevulak, 1st Lt Hollerbach, 2d Lt Booth, 2d Lt Roudnev
  • ELT @ E16, PLB @ Bodega Bay: Squadron participants and receiving 2 FINDS included Maj DeFord: MP; 1st Lt Spears: MS; Capt Hayes: MRO 

Capt Perreira


The squadron held / participated in the following events:

Apr 15: Squadron fly-in at KAUN - including Maj Luneau, Maj Blank,  Capt Eichelberger, Capt Hayes, Capt Perreira, Capt Brown, Capt Stevulak, 1st Lt Spears, 1st Lt Roberts, 2d Lt Forenza

Apr 21-23: Wing Eval @ Riverside (participants included Maj DeFord, Capt Eichelberger)

Squadron participation in Group 2 WMAO duty

On 28-30 April, several dedicated members (Maj Wang, 1st Lt Fall, 1st Lt Roberts, 1st Lt Spears) attended the Pacific Region Conference - traveling to Sparks NV to do so.

The trip seems to have been well worthwhile, as the following comments illustrate: 
Lt Spears receiving his Find Ribbon from Capt Rivas
"In addition to interacting with members from places as diverse as Alaska and Hawaii Wings, I enjoyed learning more about what resources Civil Air Patrol has to offer for us at the local level." - 1st Lt Spears
"It was great to hear about the exciting communications testing Arizona and Nevada Wings are spearheading. It was really eye-opening to understand and see what challenges other states are facing and how they are overcoming those challenges." - Maj Wang

"It was great to see so much enthusiasm for our Mission. Additionally, I learned more about National issues (including funding) and Aerospace Education, which I have been interested in learning about. I also learned about some new initiatives in CAP, including the Unmanned Aerial System program." - 1st Lt Roberts

Lt Fall receiving his Achievement Award from Capt Rivas

Renewed/New ES Ratings 
Lt Savino receiving his 5yr bronze clasp from Capt Rivas
Congratulations to the following Squadron 188 members for investing energy in renewing and/or achieving new ES ratings, thereby continuing to strengthen our Squadron's and all of California Wing's ability to provided key SAR and DR services:
  • Maj Blank: renewed MP, Mission Check Pilot
  • Maj Luneau: renewed F5
  • Maj Michelogiannakis: renewed F5, IP, Check Pilot, Mission Check Pilot, Check Pilot Examiner
  • Capt Brown: completed AOBD, FRO
  • 2d Lt Booth: renewed F5
  • SM Sharma: completed ICUT

Lt Baldwin receiving his Yeager Award from Capt Rivas
Awards & Professional Development 

Further congratulations to the following members for their well earned awards and their investment in professional development:
  • 1st Lt Fall: Achievement Award from PAWG (Pennsylvania Wing) 
  • 1st Lt Spears: Find ribbon with prop device 
  • 2d Lt Savino: 5yr bronze clasp for Red Service Ribbon
  • 2d Lt Roudnev: 2yr Red Service Ribbon
  • SM Devine, SM Meelo, SM Sharma: completion of Level I (Membership Ribbon)
  • 2d Lt Baldwin, SM Devine, SM Sharma: Yeager Award 
  • SM Campbell, SM Devine, SM Sharma: completed GES

C&C (Customs & Courtesies) Moment
Capt Ramsey

Capt Ramsey provided helpful information to members on two important aspects of C&C: reporting and saluting.  
SM Devine receiving his Yeager Award from Capt Rivas

Upcoming Events

For more information on how to participate in the following events, please contact the individuals listed:
  • May 13-14, Group 2 Basic SAREX @ KPAO (Maj DeFord)
  • May 15-18, Vigilant Guard exercise (1st Lt Chavez)
  • May 20-21, Group 5 Basic SAREX @ KSTS (Capt Hayes)
  • May 30, 5th Tuesday group photo and BBQ (Capt Rivas)
  • Jul 1-2, CAWG MAS ground school @ KOAK
  • Jul 21-23, CAWG MAS flight school @ KBFL

Safety Update

Lt Roberts leading the safety discussion
Wing safety staff requested that all units have a Safety Down Day with an emphasis on Mishap Reporting. Squadron 188 took the opportunity to use the time to have an interactive review of safety documentation.

We covered general CAP safety programs (e.g., safety documentation, Safety Beacon publications, Squadron 188 Safety Bulletin Board, and responsibilities). An area of emphasis was to use examples of the mishap reporting process and to have focused discussion about accidents, the review process, and the results.

Thanks to 1st Lt Roberts for leading these discussions.

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