Thursday, June 1, 2017

Squadron BBQ

By 1st Lt Karin Hollerbach, photos by Lt Col Juan Tinnirello except as noted

Squadron members and guests gathered this week at our headquarters at OAK airport for a squadron photo shoot as well as a BBQ with friends and family members.

All squadron members that we were able to round up for the official photo! Photo by Capt Gast.

And a few additional squadron members that didn't make it into the main
photo. Photo by Capt Gast. 
Mingling before the food gets served.

How are we going to get everyone organized, so
that we can take their picture?

Deep in conversation.

Several dozen people showed up, and it was a lot of fun to have a little more time than we normally do at squadron meetings, to chat, meet spouses and friends, and get caught up on what’s happening in other members’ lives outside of CAP.

Changing smoke alarm batteries -
safety first!

I swear we were talking about bush flying in Alaska.
What was so funny?

Thanks to all who brought food, drinks and good cheer!  We had more than enough in all three categories – although for some reason the grill did not seem to get very hot, so cooking beef burgers, turkey burgers, quinoa burgers, and hot dogs seemed to take forever.  My idea of time might have gotten stretched a little bit, considering how hungry I was before even arriving there…

Thanks to the efforts of our commander, Chef Capt Rivas and Sous-Chef SM Campbell, everyone did get fed with the grilled food of their choice, as well as any number of side dishes and desserts.

Capt Rivas getting ready to feed the hungry.
2d Lt Zherebnenkov,
our squadron's Asst.

Special thanks also to Capt Hayes for all his organizational efforts for this event and everyone who helped rearrange furniture, clean up, and everything in between.

Mingling and eating! 

Two pilots, deep in conversation.  Is it flying related?

Members and non-members are all
welcome here! 
Relaxing with friends from outside of CAP. 

People are starting to look a little less hungry. 

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