Friday, August 25, 2017

Squadron 188 at Edwards AFB for Aerospace Education Summer Camp

By Maj. Mark Fridell

I was tasked to coordinate the orientation rides for the 53 cadets attending the Aerospace Education Summer Camp, or AESC, at Edwards AFB.  The program ran from July 30th to August 5th.

The program included some great tours of the base, rides in some of the flight simulators, hands on STEM projects including building, flying RC aircraft, working with robotics, designing aircraft and our day of flying orientation rides.

Maj. Charles Christian served as Incident Commander, and we had lined up 9 aircraft to fly in for the day. Unfortunately, one "crumped" due to a maintenance issue.  In spite of losing two more aircraft that day to maintenance, we were able to get all of the participating cadets up for a flight with a lot of smiling faces exiting the aircraft at the end of their sorties.

Our desire was to get all the cadets a front seat ride, but due to the issues with losing aircraft some of the cadets only received a flight in the backseat.

We were fortunate to have cloud cover for the day, which, while making it a bit muggy, kept the temperature down from the previous day, which hit 105F.

All in all it was a successful program that we hope to repeat next year at Edwards!

CAP airplanes on the Edwards flight line. Photo by Maj. Fridell. 

The Tehachapi News also published a story about the AESC.

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