Sunday, May 13, 2018

Group 2 Leadership Training: SLS, CLC and UCC at Oakland Airport

By 1st Lt Karin Hollerbach, photos by 2d Lt Alexei Roudnev, except as noted

Last weekend, Group 2 held the Squadron Leadership School (SLS), the Corporate Learning Course (CLC), and the Unit Commanders’ Course (UCC). The event was hosted by Squadron 188 at OAK airport. 1st Lt Cole Ettingoff, Group 2’s Professional Development Officer, served as Project Officer.

Mingling before class, downstairs at Squadron 188's home at KOAK.
Capt Hayes (L) and Lt Ettingoff (R) addressing students from all
of the weekend's courses, before beginning class.
We had a total of 16 students in SLS, 15 students in CLC, and 7 students in UCC from across Groups 2 and 5.  There were 13 instructors between the three courses including Squadron Commanders and Deputies, past and present Group Commanders and Deputies, Wing Staff, and the Wing Commander.

Having previously taken the SLS, this time I took the CLC.

Many thanks to everyone who donated time to help teach and/or organize this weekend’s activities. Instructors for the CLC included:
  • Lt Col Andrew Peters, CAWG Director of Professional Development – North
  • Lt Col Elsie Lam, Squadron 10
  • Maj Kathy Brown, Squadron 188
  • Maj Chris Suter, Squadron 44 
  • Maj Jacqueline Tubis, Squadron 10 
  • Maj Paul Kubiak, Squadron 44  
  • Capt David Hartman, Squadron 80
  • Students in the SLS. 
  • Capt Steven Angus, Squadron 36
  • 1st Lt Cole Ettingoff, Squadron 188

I found the CLC covered fairly interesting topics. Yes, there was definitely a safety hazard due to concerns about death by PowerPoint. However, it was a nice reminder of some topics that I don’t normally think about in my everyday CAP life – such as the structure of the organization, how strategic decisions get made and communicated out to members, how our “home” units (Squadrons, for most of us, Groups or higher level units for some) fit into the overall structure. We also had some lively discussions about planning and decision-making, as well as mentoring.

Lt Ettingoff teaching at the CLC.
The instructors did their best to liven up the provided lecture slides and did a nice job of engaging us in discussion, even some interactive exercises. Some of the exercises needed a little creative “updating” to bring them into the year 2018: One included some discussion and decision-making about what to do with a $500 grant.  In the face of:
  • The corporate van needing new tires,
  • The roof leaking,
  • The aircraft needing a 100-hour inspection,
  • And other items,

$500 just doesn’t seem to go very far.  In our discussion group, we decided to increase our grant by a bit…   if only it were that easy in real life!

Participants in the CLC.
In another teamwork game to apply clues to assign resources (players) to a problem (baseball team), we had fun discussing and solving the problem in small teams.  Unfortunately, I know virtually nothing about baseball and had to have my teammates explain to me about infielders and catchers and …  before I could really be helpful.

Squadron 188 participants in the CLC included:
  • Capt Jordan Hayes (student)
  • 1st Lt Karin Hollerbach (student)
  • 1st Lt Eric Choate (student)
  • 1st Lt Kevin Fall (student)
  • 1st Lt Cole Ettingoff (instructor)
  • 2d Lt Nikolay Zherebnenkov (student)

Squadron 188 participants in the SLS included:
Col Ferguson speaking to some of the weekend's participants on Sunday.
Photo by Lt Col Peters. 
  • 1st Lt Chris Devine

Finally, special thanks to Col Alan Ferguson, who visited with each of the 3 classes, opened himself up to Q&A, and gave us all our graduation certificates.

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