Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Fifth Tuesday BBQ with Squadron 18

By Capt Karin Hollerbach and Lt Col Juan Tinnirello, photos by Lt Col Tinnirello except as noted

Squadron 188 members unloading equipment at HWD in
preparation for the event.
Last week, Squadron 188 members headed over to Hayward to get together with Squadron 18 for 5th Tuesday barbecue at Squadron 18’s headquarters. On the agenda were both training events and plenty of food and conversation, as well as opportunities to get to meet more CAP members within Group 2.  For many of us, most of the members we interact and work with are within our own squadron, so any opportunity to mingle with other squadrons is welcome!

Several Squadron 188 members met early at KOAK to load up mission critical equipment, including the Squadron 188 grill for barbecuing, as well as UDF and radio equipment for training. Thanks to all who were able to show up early and pitch in for this.

Future pilot practicing on a flight simulator.
Lt Devine operating the grill. 

At HWD, Squadron 18 Commander, 1st Lt Hurst, gathered the squadron's cadets and explained the purpose of the combined event. She then introduced Capt Hayes, who provided details of how the training would take place.

Eleven Squadron 18 cadets participated in hands-on Emergency Services (ES) activities after some classroom training sessions with Squadron 188 members. The emphasis was on radio communications (training led by 1st Lt Roberts) and Urban Direction Finding, i.e., searching for a practice beacon (led by 1st Lt Chavez), and on having fun, too. After the classroom training, two teams searched for - and both successfully found - a practice beacon.

Lt Roberts providing classroom training for Comm.
Further training will be necessary to complete all the requirements to become a UDF team member, but the basic instructions and practice received that evening will help the cadets to accomplish this important ES goal. The communications class will also require further training, but the first steps were completed and put the cadets well on their way in their training for the Mission Radio Operator (MRO) rating.

SM Pagels reported having fun to interact with the cadets, as this was her first time doing so, and found the review of radio communications and UDF basics to be a helpful learning experience –not just for the cadets!

The overall intent was to: support Squadron 18, introduce ES, and hopefully get some additional members interested in and beginning on their training for their ES ratings.

Lt Chavez providing classroom training for UDF.

Cadets and senior members putting their UDF training to use in the field.

Capt Hayes speaking to Squadron 18 cadets. 

Lining up for food!
Lt Mello and Capt Fenolio flew o-rides for several cadets earlier in the afternoon. The cadets all had a great time, some initially timid but by the time they were able to understand the basic principles of flight, were eager to hold on to the flight controls for themselves. One of the cadets on his 3rd syllabus flight is working on training for his private pilot certificate and has already experienced slow flight, stalls, and other maneuvers.

Another cadet on her 4th syllabus flight understood the flight instruments well, and did the GPS navigation on her o-ride, navigating to LVK and to CCR, and working on other flight instruments including airspeed and altimeter, and became very good at understanding trim and coordinated flight.  Her summary, “that was fun!”

Cadet Fontanilla (L) on her 4th syllabus flight,
with Capt Fenolio (R). Photo by Capt Fenolio.

While all the training was taking place, senior members and parents prepared dinner, led by 1st Lt Devine at the BBQ. When the food was ready, everybody gathered at the mess hall and had a yummy dinner as well as a great time conversing with each other and making new friends.

Finally, a group picture of all the cadets and senior members was taken to document the memorable event.

The event was a great success: Training was successful; fun was had; everyone stayed safe. A number of squadron leaders asked for additional sessions in the future and some of the senior cadets expressed interest in participating in future exercises.

Enjoying an excellent meal together.
Squadron 188 members that participated included:

  • Lt Col Tinnirello
  • Capt Hayes
  • Capt Rivas
  • Capt Fenolio – provided o-rides to Squadron 18 cadets 
  • 1st Lt Chavez – led UDF training
  • 1st Lt Choate
  • 1st Lt Roberts – led Comm training
  • 1st Lt Devine – awesomely worked the grill
  • 2d Lt Roudnev
  • 2d Lt Valeur
  • 2d Lt Campbell
  • 2d Lt Sharma
  • 2d Lt Rainville
  • 2d Lt Mello – provided o-rides to Squadron 18 cadets 
  • SM Ferland
  • SM Pagels

Members of Squadrons 188 and 18.

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  1. That was a fantastic event. We hope to do more like it in the future