Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 2014 - HF Radio Training

On Saturday March 22, 10 students and 2 instructors met at East Bay Cadet Squadron 18's headquarters at Hayward Airport for HF radio training.

1st Lt Jordan Hayes, Oakland Squadron 188, and Capt George Gadd, San Jose Squadron 80, led the training. Although most of the students were from Squadron 188, Palo Alto was represented as well.

The day consisted of classroom training, providing some understanding of topics including:

Discussing the HF antenna's setup
  • Site selection, antenna deployment and setup
  • Lightning protection and other safety considerations
  • Factors that go into whether or not a communications link can be established and what range might be expected (antenna design, location, height above ground, frequencies, weather, sunspots, etc.)
  • Communications protocols, formal message passing
  • ALE concepts
  • Principles of HF radio operations, such as propagation, antenna concepts, and differences between HF and VHF simplex/repeaters

Getting ready to test the mobile radio in the van

Following the classroom training, we had some hands-on radio time, where we were successful in reaching another radio operator as far away as Oregon.

The training was part of a multi-event training that will occur throughout the year, to help Group 2 develop a larger number of trained HF radio operators available for future exercises (like last year’s CW13) and, of course, real events.

The next training event, in the field, will be held some time in July, so stay tuned for upcoming event announcements.

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