Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tsunami Preparedness

By 1 Lt Alvaro Chavez Jr

Do you think you're prepared in case of a tsunami striking the west coast and, therefore, the San Francisco Bay Area? 

Will Oakland Airport (OAK) North Field be underwater during a catastrophic event?  

Review these sites to find out! 

Even though we are past the Tsunami Preparedness Week, it would be a good idea to take a few minutes to check out the web sites on this quick note.

For information about March 23-29 Tsunami Preparedness Week activities in your area, visit 
Also, you may wish to review this recent post from the California OES (Office of Emergency Services) about the tsunami tests that were scheduled during the Preparedness week.  Last year, Squadron 188 was able to participate in some of the activities. Unfortunately, we were grounded due to weather this year. 

For access to a new report for California decision-makers visit http://wsspc.org 
To find out if you live in, work in, or visit tsunami hazard areas, see www.tsunami.ca.gov or 
To find out more about how vulnerable your community is to tsunamis, visit 

Stay safe!

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