Monday, November 10, 2014

November All Hands Meeting

1st Lt Stevulak, Capt Rivas
By 2d Lt Karin Hollerbach, Photos by Lt Col Juan Tinnirello

Congratulations to the following members:

  • Red Ribbon – 2yr: 1st Lt John Stevulak
  • Red Ribbon – 10yr: Capt Lutz Heinrich
  • Red Ribbon – 25yr: Lt Col Roger Glenn

Awarded last month but presented this month:

    Capt Rivas, Maj Johnson/K, Maj Johnson/C,
    1st Lt Rugroden, 1st Lt Cao
  • Disaster Relief Ribbon with Silver V: CAP445: Maj Luneau, 1st Lts Cao and Rugroden, Base Staff: Majs Johnson/C and Johnson/K

Capt Rivas, 2d Lt Roberts and Capt Fenolio

  • SM Timothy Roberts was promoted to 2d Lt
  • 1st Lt Douglas Perreira was promoted to Capt
  • 1st Lt Chris Fenolio was promoted to Capt

Safety Briefing: Passenger Briefings

2d Lt Roberts conducted this month’s safety briefing, presenting a video and leading a discussion of passenger briefings.

2d Lt Roberts
Too many of us take for granted that our passengers know all the things they will need to know in the event of an emergency in the airplane.  This month’s discussion served as an important reminder of things to make sure to include in a safety briefing, particularly with new passengers that you may not have flown before.  A few examples include:

  • Do they really know how to operate the seatbelts?  There is a range of styles, each with its own method of opening/closing.
  • Do they know how to operate the doors?
  • What is the plan for egress in an emergency?  Have you ever practiced it? How/when will the crewmember in the back get out?
  • Do your passengers know how to operate the radios, at least at a most basic level to call for help in the event you, as pilot, are incapacitated?  Do they know the emergency frequency?
  • What is available by way of a safety kit, either the airplane’s or one you, as pilot, brought?
  • Etc. 
A toast to Squadron 188 - celebrating our Unit Citation

Unit Citation
After the presentations, we had a short celebration with sparkling apple cider, to celebrate the Unit Citation awarded to Squadron 188.  Congratulations to all members!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming events include:

  • Holiday dinner, TBD
  • Wreaths Across America 
  • Aerospace Education class #2 on Tuesday 11 November (click here for a description of the SR-71 Blackbird class)

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