Monday, November 3, 2014

October All Hands Meeting

By 2d Lt Karin Hollerbach, Photos by Lt Col Juan Tinnirello

Welcome, New Member!
A warm welcome to our latest member, 2d Lt Terence Wilson, who has transferred from Nevada Wing (NVWG).

Monthly Recap
  • AP Air Training was completed last month, 13-14 September, at CCR, with 20 participants.
  • 2d Lt Eric Choate, Capt Lou Rivas, and 2d Lt Bob Adams attended the Salinas Air Show, along with CAP 445.
  • CAP 445 flew the most hours in CAWG in September – thanks to all the pilots and air crew.
September was a busy month for missions flown as well, including:
  • 12 Sept: Napa Quake Federal Disaster, awarding Disaster Relief Ribbon with Silver V 
  • (CAP445: Maj Luneau, 1st Lts Cao & Rugroden; Majs Johnson/C and Johnson/K)
  • 16 Sept: CAP, including our squadron, helped save a life, by locating a missing Piper @ Kings Canyon Park. Thanks and congratulations to Maj Luneau and Lts Perreria and Fletcher-Hernandez.
  • 20 Sept: A successful ELT mission @ Hayward. Thanks to Majs Johnson/K and Johnson/C. 

New Ratings
Congratulations to all of the following members, who have reaffirmed their commitment to ongoing training by renewing and/or completing their emergency services ratings:
  • Maj Johnson/C: Renewed Air Ops Branch Director (AOBD)
  • Maj Johnson/K: Renewed AOBD,  Public Information Officer (PIO)
  • Lt Gast: Completed Mission Staff Assistant (MSA)
  • Lt Hayes: Completed Airborne Photographer (AP)
  • Lt Hollerbach: Completed AP, PIO
  • Lt Stevulak: Completed MSA 
  • Lt Fenolio: Completed Mission Scanner (MS)
  • SM Smith: Completed General Emergency Services (GES)
Capt Rivas, 1st Lt Hayes

Congratulations also to Lt Hayes for completing his Technician Rating in Information Technologies & Administration.

Congratulations to the following members:
  • ES Patch: Lt Fenolio
  • Red Ribbon – 5-year: Lt Perreira, Lt Fletcher-Hernandez, Maj Riebli, Lt Bitz
  • Red Ribbon – 10-yr: Capt Heinrich
  • Level II completion 1st Lts Perreira & Stevulak 
  • Disaster Relief Ribbon with Silver V: CAP445: Maj Luneau, 1st Lts Cao and Rugroden, Base Staff: Majs Johnson/C and Johnson/K
  • Lifesaving Ribbon with Silver Star: Maj Luneau and Lts Perreria and Fletcher-Hernandez

Capt Beach, Capt Rivas
  • 1st Lt Rex Beach was promoted to Capt.
  • SM Tim Roberts was promoted to 2d Lt.

Safety Briefing: Airport Signs & Markings
Maj Riebli conducted this month’s safety briefing, with a discussion of airport signs and markings.

As a reminder to all, when driving on the airport, the California Vehicle Code applies!  Also, for those participating in the ramp check program:  you must be in continuous contact with the tower unless you are on a designated vehicle service road.  It’s good to be at least listening in on the tower ground frequency at all times, regardless of where you are!

Capt Rivas, 1st Lt Fletcher-Hernandez, 1st Lt Perreira, 1st Lt Bitz, Maj Riebli

Customs & Courtesies
Capt Ramsey presented part 2 of a very useful discussion on CAP customs and courtesies. I think we all walked away having learned something new about proper wearing of uniforms and other courtesies.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming events include:
1st Lt Hipp, 1st Lt Bitz

  • CAWG Conference 10-12 Oct @ KMHR
  • Watsonville Airshow 10-12 Oct @KWVI
  • Fleet Week
  • Holiday dinner, TBD
  • Wreaths Across America 
  • Aerospace Education:  Rocket-making class starts next week! 

Many thanks to 1st Lt Bitz, our Aerospace Education Officer, for his leadership in aerospace education, within and outside of our own squadron.

And very special thanks to 1st Lt Hipp, who was both thoughtful and talented enough to make for Lt Bitz a plaque and a model rocket, in appreciation of Lt Bitz’s service.

The plaque contains 3 medallions, honoring President Kennedy, the “Father” of America’s Space Program; the Apollo 11 mission; and a tribute to the Columbia’s astronauts.

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