Friday, December 12, 2014

Safety Meeting, December 9, 2014

By Lt Col Juan Tinnirello (and pictures)

Squadron 188 came together for a mandatory meeting, to review safety procedures and to make sure that everyone is using the forms correctly. The people that need to know of the incident/accident must be informed in a timely fashion.   Deputy Commander 1st Lt Jordan Hayes presided over the meeting, since Commander Capt Luis Rivas was out of town.


1st Lt Hayes went over regulation 62-2, reviewing its major portions and specifically the sequence of the events to properly notify those people that need to know and to avoid unnecessary problems.

2d Lt Matthew Gast
1st Lt Jordan Hayes
Subsequently, 2d Lt Matthew Gast explained in detail how to fill out the online form found in the Safety Management System (SMS) on the eService’s CAP web page. He talked from experience, since he had to do it recently.  

The most important point on this form is to make sure not to press “Send Mishap Notification” on the bottom right hand corner of the form until ALL the information - in all of the form's tabs - has been completed.  To do so, you MUST click on the bottom left hand  corner where it says “Submit and Continue Data Entry”.  That will allow you to complete the rest of the form before submitting it.  

Before you start the form, compile the information on a piece of paper, making sure you have all the facts and then transfer them to the form.

Notification of the people listed in the regulations is the MOST important task to complete right away. 

Copies of the Reg. 62-2 can be found in the vehicle and in the plane. The form can be completed after making the initial phone calls, especially since the person you must call right away will help calm you down and guide you on what to do or how to report the event.

If you missed the meeting, you will have to figure it out by yourself. 

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