Monday, January 11, 2016

All Hands Meeting, 5 January, 2016

By Lt Col Juan Tinnirello, CAP (and pictures)

Capt Luis Rivas
Commander Maj Luis Rivas welcomed everybody and invited participants to join him in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Maj Steve DeFord receiving Propeller Device
 for rescue Find Ribbon from Capt Rivas
Last month's events included comments from participants about the Wreaths Across America event and about the squadron's holiday party at the Oakland Aviation Museum.  Also, Commander Rivas gave thanks to Maj Steven De Ford, Capt Hayes, and Lts Eric Choate and Karin Hollerbach for their participation in WMAO duty for 23-26 Dec.
Missions: 10 Dec.  EPIRB in the Brisbane area. Maj Chris Johnson IC3-T; Capt Georgios Michelogiannakis MP; Maj DeFord MO; Capt Hayes UDF, resulting in a FIND that was the first one as aircrew for Maj DeFord.

15Dec.  ELT in the Sacramento area. Maj C. Johnson IC3-T; Capt Michelogiannakis MP; Lts John Stevulak MO and Tim Roberts MS, resulting in a FIND that was the first one for Lt Stevulak.  They left the Holiday Party to take care of the mission, many thanks.

22 Dec. ELT in the Reedley area.  Maj Noel Luneau UDF.
1Lt John Stevulak receiving
First Find award from Capt Rivas

23 Dec. Missing PA32 in the Oakland area.  Maj Luneau MP. 

31 Dec.  ELT in the Redding area. Maj Luneau MP and Lt Roberts MO resulting in a FIND.

New/Renewed ES Ratings:  Maj Fridell completed Renewal F5 plus Orientation Pilot endorsement.  Lt Matthew Gast completed his Initial F5.

Aircraft usage:  14.3 hrs. and 183C is currently grounded.
Glider usage: 7 glider O flights
1st Lt  Bob Adams during
 his presentation
Vehicle usage:  100.2 hrs. and 613 miles.

1st Lt Adams made a presentation about driving during winter weather conditions.  If you were not in attendance you missed a lot of good information. 

Awards: Maj DeFord received a Propeller device for Rescue Find Ribbon.  Lt Stevulak received a Rescue Find Ribbon with propeller device for First Find.
2d LT Tim Roberts
during his presentation

Safety Education:
Lt Roberts conducted the Safety Down Day, which is mandatory every year, and also presented the Risk Management program.  This was also a very important and informative topic - if you were not there, you missed a practical way of assessing risk in every activity we do daily.

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