Monday, May 23, 2016

Thanks to all who helped tame the jungle in the "back 40" !

By Capt Louis Rivas, photos by Capt Rivas and Lt Roudnev

Fellow members, 

I am happy to report the jungle of overgrown grass that seemed to have exploded in the back 40 overnight has been tamed! A great big thank you to Capt Hayes, Maj Fridell, Lt Roudnev, SM Baldwin for their raking, weed whacking and bagging efforts. 

A great big shout out to my uncle Eddie Pacheco who supplied the powerful brush mower I used to mow down grass that was 3ft tall in some places. We couldn't have done it without a mower such as the one he brought.

I don't recall ever seeing the grass grow this tall and the taller it is the tougher it is to cut. Lesson learned. 

Thanks again to all who helped restore the back 40 to its usual splendor.

Capt Rivas before starting the operation.
Capt Rivas after the operation.

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