Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 2016 O'Rides for Cadets

Photo Essay by Lt Alexei Roudnev

Ready, on the ramp.
Eight cadets from San Jose get their first (or second ride in a small airplane.  We flew from CCR to RHV first.

At CCR before the flight.

These are not just entertainment flights: Cadets learn about checklists and pre-flight checks. 

Cadets participating in the pre-flight with Lt Eric Choate.

We check the exact amount of fuel before each flight.

Lt Michael Gross is our second o-ride pilot.

Just being in the cockpit is a lot of fun!

Cadets have the opportunity to try the controls (at a safe altitude, of course).

CAP headquarters at RHV.

Taking off.

Just returning from one of the flights.

O-rides follow a syllabus and are teaching flights.  Each cadet is entitled to 5 different flights, with 5 different things to learn, from basic aircraft controls to weather.

A beautiful day for flying.

Parents watching their cadets/kids.  We keep them safely positioned

Last flight: Lt Choate, cadets, and their parents. Everyone is excited.

O-Rides are a very important part of CAP activities.

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  1. Great job...a good opportunity for cadets to be introduced to flying.