Thursday, June 9, 2016

All Hands Meeting - June 2016

By Lt Karin Hollerbach, photos by Lt Col Juan Tinnirello

Capt Lou Rivas
Squadron monthly recap
  • 23-May WADS, flown by Capt Michelogiannakis: MP; Capt Hayes MO
  • 25-May Water Mission, flown by Capt Michelogiannakis, MP; Capt Hayes: AP
  • 27-May ELT @ Coast Guard Island, with Maj DeFord: IC; Lt Col Tinnirello: UDF

  • 14-May: Support of Orientation Flights @ RHV (1st Lt Choate; 2d Lt Roudnev)
  • 21-May: Weed eradication - a big thank you to Maj Fridell; Capt Hayes, Rivas; 2d Lt Roudnev; SM Baldwin
  • 2-Jun Glider arrived back at Byron (Maj Fridell; Capt Gast; 1st Lt Choate; 2d Lt Roudnev)

ES Ratings
Congratulations to all who achieved new or renewed ES Ratings!

  • Lt Col Tinnirello: UDF renewal
  • Capt Cao: MO Renewal
  • Capt Michelogiannakis: appointed Check Pilot Examiner
  • Capt Wilson: Glider F5 renewal (to go with his Orientation Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Check Pilot, Check Pilot Examiner ratings!) 
  • SM Baldwin completed GES and ICUT

Professional Development
  • Maj Ironfield: named CAWG Director of Standardization and Evaluation (IAOD)
  • Capt Ramsey: completed Senior level of Professional Development specialty track

SM Forenza receiving his Yeager award from Capt Rivas
Aerospace Moment
Landing on Mars

Coming up: 
  • 11 Jun: AP Ground School @ KSAC, led by Capt Eichelberger
  • 25-26 Jun: Mission Aircrew Ground School @ KOAK
  • 9-10 Jul: SLS/CLC @ San Francisco
  • 9-10 Jul: DREX @ KSAC
  • 22-24 Jul: Mission Aircrew School (MP/MO) Fresno

SM Baldwin receiving his Level 1 Award from Capt Rivas

  • Yeager: 2d Lt Booth, SM Forenza
  • Level I (Membership Award): SM Baldwin

Thank you to all who participated in our squadron’s and other events this past month!

Safety update 
This month’s safety update was presented by 1st Lt Roberts, on the topic of CAP's Safety Information and Reporting System.

Lt Roberts providing this month's safety presentation

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