Friday, July 1, 2016

Mission Aircrew School (MAS) Ground School at OAK

By 1st Lt Karin Hollerbach, photos by 2nd Lt Alexei Roudnev

Last weekend’s Mission Aircrew School (MAS) Ground School at OAK was a great success.

Participants from the MAS Ground School at OAK
Thirteen students took the class, including 4 Mission Pilot (MP) and 9 Mission Observer (MO) students.  All 13 passed their test and are eligible to move on to the air portion of their training.  Congratulations to all!

Capt John Heldt
Comments from various students during the training indicated that the ground school was fun and at times slightly overwhelming, and packed a lot of information into one weekend - exactly as it should be.

Squadron 188’s students included:

  • Maj Mark Fridell – MP training
  • Capt Kathy Brown – MO training
  • Lt Roudnev – MO training

Additional students came from other squadrons in Group 2 (including Palo Alto and San Jose squadrons), Group 1 (including Santa Monica squadron), Group 4 (including Santa Maria squadron), and Group 5 (including Novato, Redding, Sacramento, Santa Rose and Auburn squadrons).  We are delighted they were all able to join us in Oakland!

Capt Joshua Edwards
Many thanks to project officer, Capt Jordan Hayes (Squadron 188), for organizing and managing and teaching at this event, and to our staff, who helped make it happen and included:

  • Lt Col Ray Peterson
  • Maj Joseph Fernandes
  • Maj Noel Luneau, Squadron 188
  • Maj Steven DeFord, Squadron 188
  • Capt Luis Rivas, Squadron 188
  • Capt Joshua Edwards
  • Capt John Heldt
  • Lt Hollerbach, Squadron 188
  • 2nd Lt Michael Gross

The air portion of the next training will be held in July, based in Fresno.

Maj Joe Fernandes

Capt Jordan Hayes
Maj Steven DeFord


Students intently absorbing class materials! 

Relaxing downstairs in Squadron 188's building before class

Everyone is smiling... have they just passed their written test?

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