Monday, February 7, 2011

Feburary 2011 All-Hands Recap

SQ188 Recap of February 2011 as presented at the All Hands Meeting

Recap of Last Month

1. January is traditionally our time for training.  We held Urban Direction Finding classroom training on 14-Jan-11.
2. Our Mission Pilot mentors conducted several training flights with our Mission Pilot Trainees to get them ready for the Mission Pilot check-ride.
3. New pictures of the Holiday Party are posted to our website at in the 2010 photo-gallery

Awards and Promotions

1. Promotion to 1'st Lt - 1'st Lt David Dunham

2. Red Service - 50 Years - Lt Col Dennis Matarrese

3. Red Service - 2 Years - Capt Noel Luneau

4. Commanders Coin Award - Capt Lutz Heinrich and Capt Noel Luneau

1. Complete the Introduction to CAP Safety Program for New Members and Downed Power Lines at the eServices website located Here. Click on the Online Safety Education link.
2. The Commander reviewed the latest Safety Beacon newsletter located Here.

Aerospace Education Training
1. We had USAF Chief Master Sergeant (Ret) Lou Haack, Pararescue Jumper give an excellent talk on a number of Search and Rescue saves that he had participated in.  Chief Haack has over 2,000 hours in C-130s and helicopters achieved in over 28 years of service.

1. Capt Jerry Borshard - CAP Flight Instructor from Texas Wing
2. Capt Doug Ramsey - Marin Squadron officer
3. Adam Kelly - Potential new Recruit
4. We had a special visitor Anastasia Allen at the Jan 11 - All Hands.

New Members
1. Kent Christensen - Welcome to the Squadron 

Event Calendar
1. Livermore SAREX - Feb 26-27
2. SLS/CLC - Feb 12-13 at Squadron 188

Training Calendar
1. Mission Scanner training - Feb 8 - conducted by Capt Jeff Ironfield
2. Customs and Courtesies Training - Feb 22 - conducted by 2d Lt Dunham

1. 9353E going to Concord on Feb 23.
2. G1000 coming to the East Bay soon!
3. Flying 53E on Tuesdays - With the longer days we have started flying on Tuesdays.  Anyone interested in flying, ask any of the pilots when they will be flying.

Flight Simulator
The Squadron is creating a Flight Simulator to use for Mission, IFR, G-1000, and other flight training. At this time we have a 60" plasma TV, Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX, X-Plane, Controls, and are looking for donations to cover the cost of one fast computer.

What would you like to see?
The training schedule is for you folks, so let us know what you would like to do.