Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 2012 All Hands Meeting

1st Lt Louie Rivas
Assistant Public Affairs Officer and Mission Pilot
Amelia Earhart Senior Squadron 188
California Wing

Squadron 188 Members
OAKLAND, CA - This was the first meeting of the year and it was good to see fellow members after the long holiday break. Squadron Commander Capt Jeff Ironfield opened the meeting by welcoming all the members in attendance.

There were updates on changes to the membership dues by Finance Officer Juan Tinnirello, and upcoming rocketry and robotic events by Aerospace Education Officer Pat Bitz, and upcoming emergency services training sessions by ES Officer Kate Allen.

1st Lt Mike Allen, ES Officer
CHP Officer Logar
ES Officer 1st Lt Mike Allen gave a very interesting presentation on Blood Borne Pathogens with the assistance of CHP Officer Logar and Medical Officer Capt Dr. Misra.

The presentation consisted of the do’s and don’ts when exposed to someone else's bodily fluids, interspersed with tips on how to approach a victim, or crash site. The speakers also suggested considerations one should make when members are assembling a first aid kit of their own.

The presentation was followed by an award ceremony for the following members:

Dr. Capt Misra: 5 yr Red Service Ribbon with Bronze Clasp.
L to R: CAP Capt Dr Misra, CAP Capt Jeff Ironfield

The Red Service Ribbon is given to any member of the Civil Air Patrol who has been a member of the program for two, five and twenty years of service, and as a cadet or Senior Member in good standing.

Two new members to the Squadron also received Membership Awards. Sr Member Robert Adams and Sr Member Gregory Gai each earned the level I professional development award in the CAP program.

L-R: Sr Member G. Gai, Capt Ironfield, Sr Member R Adams
The Membership Award is presented to any senior member that successfully completes the level I Orientation Course.

The meeting concluded with several members trying out the Flight Simulator and catching up with friends.

Images courtesy of 1st Lt Louie Rivas