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Dispatch 188 - July 2010

ispatch 188

Aerospace Education Newsletter
Civil Air Patrol
Amelia Earhart Squadron 188

 July 2010

 In the News

 We have a new website!

Take a look if you haven't already. It's really great!!

 New AE Email

Please note that will no longer be used as the Squadron Aerospace  Education Email.
A new email has been established along with the new website. Please update your inboxes with this information.

 Mission Observer and Mission Scanner Ratings:

Capt Demetrius Wren Mission Observer (Pending Wing Approval)

2d Lt Mike Cao – Mission Observer

1st Lt Luis Rivas – Mission Scanner

2d Lt Doug Perreira – Mission Scanner

Congrats Guys!

53E is Back!

For those of you that are CAP pilots and are checked out in the 182 please to fly. For the rest of you can you respond with your interest level to earn you CAP pilot wings in the next month?  Jeff would like to get an idea how many pilots we have that are committed to completing a CAPF 5 in 53E in the next month.

Contact the Commander at:

Summer Events
(Don't forget to RSVP!)

USS Hornet
Alameda, CA
Apollo 11th Anniversary a “Living Ship” Event
July 24th, 10.30am
$10.00 per person (don't forget to bring a brown bag lunch!)
Please RSVP by July 10'th
Entrance fee due at time of RSVP

Coast Guard Air Station Visit and SAR Demonstration
Alameda, CA
July 29th, at 10.00am
Please RSVP by July

Chabot Space and Science Center
Oakland, CA
Saturday, August 17th at 4.30pm

Explore the Universe and Dine Under the Stars
Admission includes IMAX, Planetarium, private tour and option to stay for evening activities and telescope viewing. Make it a family event!

$12.95 per adult, $8.95 per child
RSVP by 02 August
Entrance fee due at time of RSVP

Yeager Sessions 2010

Text:  AEROSPACE, The Journey of Flight

Chapter                                      Date                                         Leader                         Email

The Rich History of Air Power

1, 2
27 Jul

10 Aug
5, 6
31 Aug

Principles of Flight & Navigation

14 Sep

The Aerospace Community


21 Sep
28 Sep

(TBD)  Lutz? Dee

Air Environment


12 Oct

(TBD) Phil?/Mike?

19 Oct


21,22,23                                 26 Oct                        Noel                               


9 Nov
To be determined

16 Nov
Roger Glenn


1-27                                         23 Nov                          Cynthia                           


1-27                                                       30 Nov                                     Cynthia and Pat                          

Local Resources Around Oakland

Hiller Aviation Museum San Carlos, CA                               (650) 654-0200
Emphasis on local aviation history, rotorcraft.  Open 7 days, 10-5.

Wings of History Museum
San Martin, CA
(408) 683-2290
Emphasis on antique aircraft and sailplanes.  Open Tu & Thu 11-3, Sa & Su 11-4.

Oakland Aviation Museum


Emphasis on preserving and presenting the East Bay's history of flight. 10am to 4pm Wed Sun

Nike Missile Site
Marin Headlands, CA
(415) 331-1453
Working restoration of a Cold-War Era missile site, open house 1st Saturday of each month,

Moffett Field Historical Society
Mountain View, CA
(650) 964-4024
Museum about Moffett, dirigibles. Open W-Sa 10-2.

Chabot Space  and Science Museum
Oakland, CA
(510) 336-7300

Planetarium at DeAnza College
Cupertino, CA
(408) 864-8814

NASA Exploration Center
Mountain View, CA

Alameda Naval Air Museum
Alameda, CA

Estrella Warbirds Association
Paso Robles, CA

San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library & Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum
San Francisco Int’l Airport, SFO, CA

Travis Air Museum
Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, CA

USS Hornet
Alameda, CA                                  
(510) 521-8448

Things To Look Forward To

Speakers (All Hands Meetings):

July 6th,  Andy Popenoe, on USS Hornet

August 4th, Roger Glenn, on International Space Station

Date TBA, Spacebridge

Brain Teaser
What's wrong with this statement?

After his engine died, the pilot glided to a landing on the frozen lake and taxied his plane to shore.”

(answer at bottom of page)

Random Pick from “The Private Pilot's Dictionary and


An increase in the angle of attack of an aircraft beyond the stalling angle (approx. 20 degrees) when air is no longer flowing properly over the wing surface. It creates a turbulent condition in the air above the upper surface of the wing, called a burble. When this  breaking away (burbling) of the air occurs, the plane will shudder and shake and then lose lift immediately.

(this could be an antiquated word by now but I like it!)

Answer to Brain Teaser:

How can a pilot taxi an airplane with a dead engine.

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