Monday, June 6, 2011

The Logbook

Welcome to the newly renamed Squadron 188 Newsletter: The Logbook.  This actually isn't a renaming, it's a renaming of the newsletter back to the original name that was established on 1 September 1989 (Vol.1 No. 1).

In 1990, our first Squadron Commander and founder, Major Paul Groff, commissioned a young 1'st Lt Juan Tinnirello (now Lt Col Tinnirello), to continue with the squadron newsletter.  Lt Tinnirello, took on the task of improving the cover graphics and publishing The Logbook regularly.

Below is a color example (normally black and white) of The Logbook from Jun 1997. The front page is an article from the Squadron's first change of command.  Captain John Matula took command of Squadron 188 from Major Paul Groff.

The Logbook was given the California Wing News Letter of the Year award in Sept 1998.
This award is the only Wing award that carried a $200.00 check attached to it.

Welcome to The Logbook, and enjoy the full article below by clicking
The Logbook, Vol 8 No 4, 10 Jun 1997

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