Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 CAWG Wing Education Conference in Bakersfield

By 1st Lt Karin Hollerbach, photos by Lt Col Juan Tinnirello

On 4-6 November, CAWG held its annual California Wing Education Conference in Bakersfield. Participants from Squadron 188 included:

  • Lt Col Tinnirello
  • Maj Jeff Ironfield
  • Maj Noel Luneau
  • Maj Maggie Wang
  • Maj Steven DeFord
  • Capt Lou Rivas
  • Capt Jordan Hayes
  • Capt Kathy Brown
  • Capt Doug Perreira
  • Capt Don Eichelberger
  • Capt Georgios Michelogiannakis
  • 1st Lt Pat Bitz
  • 1st Lt Eric Choate

Many thanks to the following Squadron 188 members for taking a leadership role and giving presentations at the conference:

  • Lt Choate and Capt Michelogiannakis - on the Universal Method (Advanced SAR Techniques) - an alternate technique for using any GPS to plan and fly search patterns using a single waypoint in most cases. 
  • Capt Eichelberger (together with Maj Marc Sobel and Capt Michael Sullivan) - on Setting up the Garmin VRB and a second one on Overview of AP Capabilities and Training Opportunities 
  • Lt Bitz - aerospace education presentation on CAP Goes to Mars - introducing several of the technical and social challenges involved in sending a human crew to Mars for a one-month visit. 
  • Capt Hayes - on Communications for all CAP Communicators
  • Capt Ironfield - led a Stan / Eval and Check Pilot Meeting

And congratulations again to all Squadron 188 and Group 2 members for their CAWG awards this year!  Click here for details!

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