Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2013, All Hands Meeting

By Lt. Col. Juan Tinnirello and 2n Lt. Karin Hollerbach, CAP Sq. 188 PAOs

The meeting started with the allegiance to the flag lead by Lt. Col. Tinnirello.  Commander Major Noel Luneau reflected on the many accomplishments of the squadron during 2013. He looks forward to the many activities already planned for 2014 and expects it to be an even better year.  He thanked all the members for their accomplishment.
Following Capt. Luis Rivas talked about the upcoming squadron holiday dinner at Scotts Seafood restaurant in Oakland and asked whether anyone else was attending.

The promotions and awards followed as listed below:

2Lt Hollerbach, Maj Luneau, 2Lt Choate

SM Karin Hollerbach promoted to 2nd Lt
SM Eric Choate promoted to 2nd Lt

Red Service Award:
Qualification: Awarded at the end of 2 years to members in good standing.
Maj Luneau, 2Lt Adams

2nd Lt Robert Adams

The Rescue Find Ribbon is awarded to any CAP member by his or her wing commander for making a Find (distress or nondistress) on a search and rescue mission. A distress Find involves a downed aircraft or persons in distress.

Capt. Steven DeFord
2nd Lt. Gabriel Fletcher-Hernandez

Maj Luneau, 1Lt Hipp
Achievement Award:
1st Lt. Jim Hipp
He was presented with an Achievement Award for his outstanding performance in continuing with the painting of the interior of the building, all by himself.

Other business: 
2nd Lt. Gabriel Fletcher-Hernandez commented on the ELT mission he participated in and that ended with a Find.

1Lt Hayes

1st Lt. Jordan Hayes talked about the upcoming communication exercise this weekend, Dec. 6-8.  Anyone interested, please contact him.

The Safety Program conducted by Maj. Frank Riebli followed with a very timely presentation about Safety around Food.

Maj Riebli
The very informative and interesting Power Point presentation depicted safety rules to follow while preparing food as well as during the time food is left at the table for people to eat later.  Maj. Riebli also discussed how to save and store leftovers as well as how long they can be kept.  We are sorry for those of you that did not attend the meeting, because you missed a very descriptive sequence of events that can lead to food poisoning and it is good to know what to do to avoid it.

After completion of the program, Maj. Luneau invited all members to go to the hangar where the “Find” ribbon was placed on N445CP.

Maj Luneau, N445CP
Have a very Happy Holidays and we will see you in the New Year!

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